Quick question - 282 aux 2 & aux2 alt sockets

Hi all, just a quick question, although I expect it will develop into a deeper one!

Regarding the 282 aux2 inputs - “aux2” (unpowered) and “aux2 alt” (powered)
I understand that only one of these may be used at once, but are they both “live” and ready to use, or does the chosen socket need to be selected via the programming interface, like the av vs unity gain selection, on the av input socket?

I connected a Stageline, powered from a NAPSC, to the unpowered “aux2” socket, quite a while ago now, but never got around to using it.
Last night I decided to use the turntable connected to it, but, upon selecting “aux2”, found no audio signal at all - just silence.
The Stageline/NAPSC were working fine on the pre-amp to which they were previously connected.

Thank you for any help.
Much appreciated!

Edit: Just popped it onto aux1 to double check the Stageline and it works fine.
So it seems to be an aux2 issue…

Did you already have a look here…?

282 Manual

Try Pages 10 or 11… :thinking:

I have reffered to the manual that came with the preamp, but it doesn’t mention anything about the aux2 sockets further than what they are for, basically.
This is why Iwondered if perhaps a default must be selected?

The link you provided seems to present me with an empty document.
I’ll try it again, with a different .PDF viewer.
Thank you.

Aha! Got the document open in a different reader.

I see now!
Thank you very much for taking the time to point me in the right direction.
I had a vague inkling that it might need programming.

I must have read it before, at some point!
Probably in the manual I’d put back in the box!!

Thank you again!

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