Quick question on volume control with streaming - ND5 XS2

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I’m planning to pick up a ND5 XS2 and SN3 in the next week or so to replace a Unitilite. Right now my wife loves the Unitilite because she can stream her Spotify playlists to it and control the volume from the Spotify app. Is this possible with ND5XS2 and SN3 combo? If she sees it as a “step backwards” I may lose the support on the upgrade! :wink:

You can use system integration to have your Naim streamer control Naim amp volume using the Naim app. It works flawlessly in my experience.

If you use System Automation between the two it should you need 3.5m lead to connect the two, not sure it comes with one or not. Or it may control just the digital volume on the streamer end.

If you enable system automation, you will still be able to control the volume using the app. It’s a more basic control with + and - buttons instead of a slider, and it can be a bit harder to get the volume just right compared to the Uniti control. Still, it will work. You will need to buy a cable to do this, but it will be very cheap.
Alternatively, you can enable the digital volume control on the ND5XS2. There may be a small loss of sound quality using this, but you may decide it’s worth it to keep the peace with your wife!

Using the digital control on the ND5XS2 with the Naim App, you’ll use a slider-type volume control that’s very responsive. If you go the other route, enabling “system automation” on the SN3, you’ll use + and - buttons on the Naim App that are not nearly so responsive. The slider’s a lot nicer.

Thanks all. So it sounds like it won’t work via Spotify Connect, just the Naim app, is that correct?

Cable is not supplied. It controls amp, not streamer (volume knob turns).

Thanks @Gromit1 - was hopeful the Spotify app would control the system automation and send a signal to the volume on the SN3. Alas.

Spotify connect should still work to control the digital volume on the NDS if you activated it.

I’ve just tried controlling level on my ND5XS2 from Spotify Connect. Works fine.

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Thanks @AndyR

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