Quick Question,..What Cartridge.?

:small_blue_diamond:Hi,…Need a quick response.

Has any experience with MC-cartridges from these manufacturers.

• Zyx
• Lyra,.and this special model Lyra Kleos.

The cost of those I’m interested in is around £3200-3500.

The reason for my question,.and the request for quick answers is.
That my friend is currently standing in a Hifi-store in Malmö,.and should choose one of these two in a much larger deal.
He himself has never heard any of these two MC-cartridges,.and there is no possibility to do a listening-test.

/Peder :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve heard good things about the Lyra (but that’s not really a sufficient basis for buying it!)

:small_blue_diamond:@PSAN,…I had a Lyra Clavis around 1997,.but it was a long time ago.
But Zyx,.I’ve never heard of/listened to.

/Peder :slightly_smiling_face:

@kuma had perhaps heard the Zyx and could tell how it compares with Lyra. He has heard a lot of carts.
Personally I would choose Lyra because I know how it sounds and like it a lot. Linn carts are made by Lyra. ( don’t know if still…).
I bought 3 years ago a more esoteric cart, a kiseki blue NS, and was disappointed.
Would not risk it anymore.

If your friend like smooth and mellow and romantic sound, better buy a Koetsu, Benz, or Dynavector.

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:small_blue_diamond:@frenchrooster,…No I do not think so :wink:,.he has a top-spec Linn-system with exact etc,etc.

He is now doing a crazy affair in my opinion.
When I have more time,.I’ll tell you about it.


Spending that sort of money on a cart without any demo is absolutely bonkers :crazy_face:

He could just toss a coin for it?

Which TT and arm does he have?


:small_blue_diamond:Debs,…I promise i’ll come back and tell you more about this,.but right now I’m busy :smiley:.


Your description makes these cartridges sound colored and boring. Koestus are lush definitely. Their forte is in acoustic instruments, but they can rock too.

I also have a Dyna XV1S - it rocks more than the Koetsu but is not as pretty. Still I could live with it if I didn’t have a Koetsu around.

Neither of these cartridges is particularly ‘mellow’.

I didn’t want to say boring, and don’t think having said that. A Koetsu is marvelous but doesn’t really rocks.
A Dynavector rocks more, however not as well as a Lyra for me at least.
As for a bit boring side, the Benz carts.

I’ve owned a Kiseki Blue NS on a Tangerine Audio Stiletto LP12 with an Aro, Armeggedon. Beautiful cartridge works for me easily surpassing my previous cartridge Micro Benz Wood SL.
My LP 12 was set up by the late Derek Jenkins ( R.I.P).



My kiseki blue ns was on SME V arm. Perhaps not the best match. I don’t know.

Your experience mirrors mine: I did not like what I heard from a Blue NS fitted to an LP12SE with an Aro.

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:small_blue_diamond:When I opened this thread,.I needed to get an answer within an hour…Last Friday :wink:.

My friend then made a buy-decision,.after this hour,and everything was fine in the end.
He is 100% satisfied with his new purchase.

I will return with the whole story around this purchase later.
This purchase he made,.is actually incredibly bravely done,in his long music-system career.


Bravely, maybe. Good that he is happy. Could have ended badly of course. In which case we might have said “unwisely” Happy ending though so :+1:

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