Quick Tidal Qustions

About to give Tidal another go.

Couple of dummy questions if anyone can help…

Am I right that the Tidal MQA doesn’t work on Naim units? No point in opting for the top subscription if it has no effect.

Also, os it best to utilise Tidal Connect, rather that the Naim app? A downside of Qobuz for me is the Naim app…! Will that be the best option for quality?

Yes, no point for MQA.

Tidal Connect is fine, it does not use workarounds like Airplay or Chromecast.

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Both have their pros and cons, I think Steve’s post below pretty much covers it.


Great stuff…everything answered!

Looked at the price structure, can only see 2 options? The higher (£20) is the MQA one, lists connect.

The cheaper option doesn’t mention it?

Tidal Connect works with the lower tier as well, but moving from Qobuz to Tidal you’ll be limited to CD quality on your Naim gear and missing out on all the lovely hi-res flacs on Qobuz

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Yes, there is Tidal Hifi for 9.99 with CD quality and Tidal Hifi Plus with MQA for 19.99. Both list Connect.

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