Quobuz Questions for a newbie

I just signed up for a trial subscription and find it very confusing. I am new to streaming and don’t understand much yet.

How do I search within the Naim app?

I have no idea what a playlist is and how it is used.

Most importantly, how do I change the volume from my iPhone?

Hi @Jaybar , to control the volume of your SN3 through the Naim app, you will need a system automation cable between the two. If you haven’t already got one, they a very cheap - a simple RCA to mono jack

Sorry, pressed return before I finished the last.

Once the lead is connected you will probably need to enable system automation in the app settings.
You should then have the volume slider in the bottom of your phone screen when playing music.

It’ll be a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable in Jaybar’s setup :+1:

And it’s Qobuz. Not Quobuz. Qobuz.

hi @Jaybar
playlists are rather like old fashioned mix tapes - probably 80% of my listening is to playlists i have created i find it easier to create them using qobuz’ own app but then play them via naim app. if i have enjoyed a programme on Radio3 i often go to the website to get the track info and create a playlist so i can play the music as often as i want - for music i am not familiar with the playlist acts as an aide memoire of particular set of tracks (eg the current series of progs on african classical music)

you can add single tracks or whole albums. you can change track order or delete individual tracks from the album. you can play them in the set order or shuffel play (n.b. within the naim app you need to turn off shuffel play when not wanted - on/off shows as a slight change in the brightness of the icon - difficult to see on a sunny day).

within the naim app there are limits of 500 playlists and 500 tracks within a playlist. but it will be a long time before you reach those limits.

hope that covers the basics - if you have any questions let me know

Sorry @Jaybar, I missed the fact that the Supernait will need a 3.5 Jack as opposed to an RCA.
Thanks @james_n for the timely correction.

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Just day one with Qobuz. Is it my imagination that Qobuz sounds louder than Apple Music via Airplay?

Also I find the Apple catalog more comprehensive. If I choose an artist in Qobuz I generally see fewer albums available to stream. Is that because I am on a trial subscription?

Is there a symbol for hires?

If Qobuz promotes itself as a hires streaming service, why are so few of the albums hires?

Sometimes Apple Music sounds better than Qobuz. Sometimes the other way around. I thought Qobuz would be uniformly superior!

So far I am less than elated.

Maybe you’re searching for artists that don’t have many high Res streams available.

You might be better downloading the qobuz app and using that to search artist. Saving anything you want to listen too to favourites, then use the Naim app to play the album from the favourite list.

@Fatcat Should Qobuz sound louder than Apple Music for the same selection?

Searching in the Naim app will give you high res and CD quality. No need to use the Qobuz app.

I know the Naim app does both high Res and cd quality.

The advice was based on Qobuz being a better app.

It’s worth doing, just to check if the search results are different.

I don’t know.

I don’t think the Qobuz app is better, using both myself (I use the Qobuz one if I’m wanting to stream when I am away from my Naim, but otherwise I see no reason not to use the Naim one).

Hires logos in the Naim app too. Click on qobuz, then new releases …. It’s pretty much all hires, you have to scroll to find anything that only cd quality.

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How do I put an entire album on repeat? I can get the repeat symbol to work for a track, but I can’t figure out how to repeat an album. Thanks.

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