Qute r1 4.4 update connectivity problems

I am trying to update the firmware on a Unitiqute 1 (original PCB) to update from 4.4 to 4.7 but I’m having trouble getting it connected.

I keep getting:

"Analysing setup Please wait.

Product model: not communicating
Device has failed to communicate. Please check all connections and then, switch off, wait 5 seconds and switch on, retry."
I can access the qute on the browser, ping it

The 9pin D to 9 pin D lead I think is the one I have always used.
I’ve checked the drivers on the COM ports on my PC and they work fine with my test instruments that have a COM port interface.
The update instructions don’t mention the port settings to use I started with default 9600, 8, no parity, 1 stop, no flow ctrl and tried changing the parity, flow control and stop bits to no avail.

Does serial to serial even work on 4.4? Have I the wrong port settings? Anyone know the correct pinouts for the serial to serial lead?


Can you try a USB to RS232 connection? Although earlier updates could be done with an RS232 to RS232 serial connection, from 4.4 on, there is no mention of this option in Naim’s update instructions, so a computer with a USB port may be required.


That’s what I use for my RS232. Getting the correct driver is a pain for my Mac.

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Many thanks.
If the RS232 definitely isn’t supported I won’t bother buying a cable and USB port. I was thinking of retiring the machine anyway.

I’m not 100% certain that an RS232 port on the computer can no longer be used - Naim support should be able to tell you if you give then a call. If not, surely a computer with a USB port isn’t hard to find?
Having said that, if your streamer has the older 24/96 board, many if the benefits of the recent firmware updates will not be available without a hardware upgrade to a 24/192 board, so maybe it’s not worth bothering.

Just use a cable from an old printer. That’s what I use for my Qute and it worked just fine. No need to purchase anything.

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Ha, my printer HPLJ5 has a parallel interface. What sort of cable specifically did you use?

Would a converter cable with a CH340 chipset work?

I have some dongles for CP2102 and other chipsets for hacking but I’d need to hook up a D9 and that’ll take me down a rabbit warren of finding good ‘dupont’ connector and tooling match.I won’t risk that on my Qute.

The USB ports on my Corsair 550 case aren’t working except for my mouse and keyboard and Corsair no longer sell replacements (not that I’d buy another the first port failed about a week after the warranty expired). I’m trying to find a reliable 5.25inch panel or external which has good reliability and is inexpensive or an external powered USB3 hub that I can fix to the wall.

I did telephone support but it chewed up my call allowance and eventually I had to leave the house.

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