Qute with TT and AV bypass?

I’m using my Qute in my AV system with AV bypass. Any workarounds to add a TT? Only 1 analog input so thought I’d ask in case I’m missing something.

You could use a digitising Phono stage such as the Rega Fono Mini. Not sure how that would sound though. What’s the AV amp like?

TT wouldn’t be much more than Rega P1 so that may work. AV is an older Anthem MX500. I’ll look into the Rega phono. Thanks.

That phono outputs via USB?

Possible to use RCA to 3.5mm cable to plug into front input?
Cable like the one pictured?

Ah, yes, good point. I think most are USB. Scratch that idea then…

Yes, the iPod 3.5mm input could work ok.

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