Qutest Output Voltage with Supernait 2/3

Hi, does anyone have any experience running the Qutest Dac into a Supernait 2 and/or 3? The Qutest has a selectable output voltage of 1, 2 or 3v and I’d like to optimize it for the Supernaits. I currently have it set at 2v for my Mcintosh Preamp, but not sure this is the “default” for this Dac.


Qutest default is 1v and feeding a 282 I have left the Qutest on this setting, allows plenty of volume range on the 282.

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I set 3v on mine to get a bit more of volume, 202/hc/napsc2/sbl and a nap160bd.
2V works also well.

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I use 2v into a SN2. Tried 1v, not bad either. You get more volume range at 1v. Try all 3, see what suits you best.

2v is about what most other digital devices output. That said I use 3v, my Aestheix Mimas has about 6v of input sensitivity. Gives me plenty of headroom. When I had my SN2 I used 2v. 3v sounded bit aggressive.

Agreed with what @opus states. I have tried all three voltages on my SN2 and there’s not a lot of discernable difference to me between 1v and 2v, but I left mine at 2v to coincide with the digital devices output comment, which seems to support a mostly streamlined view. 3v sounded to me a bit over-the-top as well but nothing I couldn’t live with I suppose.

I also have 2v running into my SN3

The best setting for you might depend on the efficiency of your speakers, along with room size and preferred volume level. If your speakers are easy to drive the usable range of the volume pot on a Naim preamp can be tiny, making it quite difficult to set correctly, especially with the remote or app. In this case you will want to use the 1V setting.

Very very true. Hugo TT2 here into 16ohm speakers using a 202, which is clearly not going to be final position. In the interim I started with DAC mode which outputs at 2.5V. I I used it with filter 3 and it was a but too much (and occasionally very thin). Ended up lowering server volume, which was a mistake as I lost a load of resolution.

Moved to AMP mode. Server volume back to 100%. Voltage set to 1V. Again filter 3.Absolutely dreadful. Upped it to 1.5V and the difference was profound. As an experiment I’ve moved to 2V in the past 24 hours. Another improvement but fairly brash. Have moved to filter 4 to see how we fare.

My guess is that I’m going back to 1.5V but we’ll see. Your mileage will undoubtedly vary.

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I use an RME ADI-2 FS into my SN3. I found that the most open and dynamic performance is when I run at 3v.

However, the noise floor and overall gain are different between the DIN and RCA inputs. Gain is slightly lower, along with the noise floor, when you use the DIN input. This means you get more fine tuning with the volume knob if you use the DIN input.

Hi, 2 Volts should be fine and it allows a comfortable volume control. A Naim source like the NDS plays a bit louder than this setting (2,28 V). I couldn’t really notice a SQ difference between the 3 settings on the Qutest even if Rob Watts states the 3 Volts output should be the best (no attenuation). Naim answered me that they expect a non Naim source to be around 2 Volts even if the 252 could for example handle up to 7,5 Volts on it’s inputs.

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I’m enjoying 2 volts on my TT2 but not dramatically more than 1.5 and having such sensitive speakers means there’s a sudden rise in the volume on the right speaker as you increase volume which is far more dramatic than at 1.5 so, yes, leave it as it is a while longer but I think I’m heading back to 1.5. That said I say here and listened to 7 hours of reggae yesterday so it’s not doing an awful lot wrong.

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