R.I.P. Karl Wallinger

Karl Wallinger of World Party and formerly of the Waterboys died 10th March. He will be greatly missed.


Just read this, that’s a real shame.

Not aware of anything from him very recently but very keen on my World Party albums, spesh Goodbye Jumbo.

Oh dear - a very talented man. I had ‘Bang!’ on permanent repeat for a while when it came out

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That’s sad news. RIP to a talented man.

Saw them in ‘87 as support for U2 at Wembley. RIP Karl

Very sad to read this. Saw World Party a few times the last being in 2015.
Chatted to him (very briefly!) before that show. Very approachable friendly guy.
Very talented.
Been listening to Arkeology today. Sweet Soul Dream live with part of the radio interview is a gem.

Thanks for the music Karl!


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RIP Karl, thanks for the music.

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Talented guy. RIP.

Karl’s making it all come true this time. Phenomenal music.

Mike Scott, KW and the rest are one of the most talented bands that were put on planet earth.

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