Rack - 4 leg Alternative to fraim

At once I see the correct speaker beside the rack … same here :slight_smile: )
Called the distributor 30 min ago.
Had not asked about different heights - will call again :o)

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I use Hutter and am really pleased with it. Soundwise it’s as good as anything in that price point.
It’s what Naim used at hifi shows before Fraim …

The only problem is that Hutter is no longer made, though it appears used from time to time.

I’ve always felt that another style of rack next to Fraim looks a bit odd. I wonder if it’s possible to either put the AV box elsewhere, maybe connected to the Naim with a long interconnect, or just to put it on some sort of support platform, rather than on a rack per se. SolidSteel make some that look pretty decent.

That’s what I am thinking.
But now the avr is placed on a rather bold selfmade stand with ikea lack on top.
Everything is better and looks nicer.
Best option is simrak - to bad no one here in Germany would like to distribute. I think it might be a great success… don’t know Simons Ressources.

Today a new avr idea had come to my mind… I will ask about it in anew thread.

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Just found the solid sound rack. Is this still available ? Does not look like as it is.
And unfortunately (very nice rack) it looks like that this one is not available in Germany… :o(

Hi guys
Thanks for all your help.
Just ordered a quadraspire svt rack yesterday. At the end I was not sure which height will be the best for the Naim stuff.
There is a 4 inch and a 5,5 inch option. I ordered the 4 inch option as I thought tight space but air can ventilate through the shelves.
What option have you chosen for SQ and aesthetic reasons

Thanks a lot

This caught my eye and I screen-shot it but I can’t recall who’s it is or the manufacturer. Can anyone help please?



I use the old QS4 rack with standard spacers.
No problem with airing boxes even a SuperUniti.

I have Isoblue, (with no extensions) in secondary setup, both a Superuniti and my Rega Aethos gets far too warm in there, no problem with say 202/200 or Supernait.

Pity about Hutter no longer in business.
I have for years looked after a 5-shelf of these.
I don’t like the appearance of Fraim tbh.

That is @Stu299 's and the rack is made by Solid Sounds (UK).

It’s a gorgeous rack, here it is from another angle:

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Thanks a lot!
Standard spacers? Is the 4 inch or 5,5 inch option the standard spacer?

Thanks very much!


I use a SVT2 rack in Bamboo with the 5.5 legs mainly to give the extra height to keep the cable off of the floor.

I upgraded from a QVT rack and my NDX at the time would get a little warm even though it was on the top shelf with the slotted SVT rack the NDX was much cooler trust this is of help.

That looks really good Stuart. I didn’t know ( until now ) that Quadraspire made double width racks.

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I’ve got one of these on order that I am very much looking forward to receiving next week all being well.

It’s a Quattron by Neo Highend racks. They do much wider AV type racks too and whichever width you decide on, they have mulitple leg heights to choose from.

Edit - sorry just re-read your post. This doesn’t match the Fraim at all so please ignore me!

That looks really good Stuart. I didn’t know ( until now ) that Quadraspire made double width racks.

Oh yes they do, this one in Bamboo finish


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