Rack - 4 leg Alternative to fraim

Hi guys

As I would like to expand, I need a Hi-Fi rack with 4 legs. The Big av receiver needs to be in the lower shelf. Therefore it shoul have air in the back and no 3 leg.
Any ideas what matches the Fraim from the look and best from performance as well :slight_smile:

I found hutter racks … quadraspire did. not catch my eye.
Any other ideas are so much appreciated!

Thanks a lot

I can’t imagine the rear leg on a Fraim meaningfully changing anything from an air circulation standpoint.

That said, I use Simrak and the only bit of gear that I don’t enjoy having on it is the DSM due to all of the video connection that do clash with leg (I still managed to make it work).

I imagine the issue is the depth of the receiver, so the leg would get in the way. The larger Quadraspire SVT is a very fine rack, and Atacama make some decent stuff.


I agree that that is likely the issue (hence my additional comment), but that means the issue is lack of space, not air, no? A deeper 3-leg stand could also work.

You are quite right. Maybe we need more explanation from the OP.

Sorry - my fault. It is space not air. Receiver is way too deep.
Had some very nice communication via email with Simon from simrak und he can do 4 leg as well. Simrak is my top favorite!
But now with brexit it is a bit difficult in the transfer.

I like the hutter but it seems that there is no real offer in the net.
Quadraspire… hmm … should be placed directly besides Fraim.

Deeper 3 leg will do as well - but the receiver is very deep …

Atacama seems reasonable and will look fine

More ideas are very welcome. There are so much racks to surf for…

What about the Hi-Fi Racks Omnium 8, which seems endlessly customisable?

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The only Quadraspire that is at a level of the Fraim and maybe actually superior is the “X Reference” according to dealers.

Milan rack from customdesign.


I actually. Do now like the quadraspire svt… thanks for the hint!
It is very customizable and I think it looks good side by side to my maple Fraim.

Do you think an additional glass shelf plus ball joints will be even better?
Just for the looks I think it will be fine, but the ball joints must be fixed on the shelf.
With glass additional shelf 140 mm height is fine without 100 mm will be enough (upper shelf’s for Naim stuff). Base shelf is for avr.

Simon Price will do you a custom Simrak to fit your kit.
He is doing just that for us at the moment.

Best regards, BF

I have a SolidSteel rack. Very stable open all around. Not sure if it’s up to Naim standards, lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What’s about Solid Tech from Sweden? They are very steady for av receiver.

I know, but I am from Germany and there will be some effect with custom to pay and eventually to go there and pick it up. This was holding me back last time…

Isoblue…? (I’d post a link, but…)

Different look, but… quite good…IMHO…

Finite elemente. Pagoda could be an option. Made in Germany.
Buying new will be costly, although they did sell well their earlier versions - you could source a pre loved one for a fraction of cost. Plenty of space for large boxes with high WAF.

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and the other thing about Quadraspire is they will make you a custom shelf. I already had a quad rack and I need an extra deep shelve for the streamer. I just sent the request to them and they made a shelf a couple of inches deeper than standard that fitted the same legs and, from the front and sides, was the same so it didn’t look odd compared to the other shelves. It was some time ago but ISTR it wasn’t much extra (cost) over a normal new shelf.

I like the looks of the Lateral Hifi Racks very much:

I’m a bit surprised that nobody on this forum seems to have them.


Many thanks to all of you.
Pagode… this is a stunner, but also the prize. The lateral is outstanding nice. But I think the only one who will fit from the total und shelf height is the quadraspire.
I need 250 to 300 mm and approx 130 mm for two upper shelf’s. Total flight should not be a lot more than 700mm. As far as my net research has gone only quadraspire fits here.
Now I need to decide for black or silver legs. On pictures the silver looks different to Fraim which brings me more to black ones…

Quadraspire will make a unit to your spec so it might be worth dropping them a line. I recently ordered one (Fraim is too wide for my space) and I am delighted with it.