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Now I’ve completed my Naim boxes and cabled them up it’s caused me to rethink the rack I’m having built. It’s a typical veneered wood construction with glass isolation platforms. The look fits well and deposit paid so I’m not considering any alternatives. I’ve ordered a four shelf unit with 130mm shelves and glass isolation platforms. The system is:


From what I’ve read and understood the optimum stacking order would be:

300 PS

So the four shelves will accommodate the units but it’s going to be crowded for cabling and I’m struggling for height to keep Burndys clear.

So I’m thinking to add a middle spare/spacer shelf with NAC272 & NAP300 above then empty shelf then 300 PS & XPSDR below. Would this be optimum for 5 shelves? Also to make the middle shelf double height to improve isolation and create more height. Does this sound right or would it be better to have the spacer below the 272 and then NAP300/300PS/XPS.

Hope that all makes sense, all input greatly appreciated.

I like the idea of two columns but just don’t have the space. Also I’d like to keep the top of the unit clear.

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You want the spacer beneath the 300. Hopefully the burndies would then be off the floor. I did that when I had the same setup on Fraim, but ended up slotting a NAT05 in the gap. A double height spacer is probably better for the cables but will look awful. Maybe that wouldn’t matter.

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Thanks HH. So;

Option 1
Empty shelf


Option 2
Empty shelf

I’m guessing Option 2 for cabling the 300.

You want option 1. Keep the head units way from the power supplies. The most important leads, from my experience, are the SXPS Burndy and the two din to XLR leads. Keep them off the floor and off the walls.

You order (in either version) is what is regarded as ‘correct’ or ‘optimum’, hereabouts, acoording to NaimLore®. The aim is to get the ‘heads’ (so Preamps or similar) as far away as possible, from their associated power supplies.

Perhaps we might see pictures of the end result…?

+1 Option 1, perhaps use the spare shelf for network switches, etc??

You want to keep switches away from the system ideally.


Thanks all, yes I’ll be delighted to post up pics when it’s all together.

Option 1 was my preferred option for aesthetic reasons so great news. I think the extra spare shelf will pay dividends and save me a few cable headaches. What a great resource this forum is, would never have occurred to me otherwise until it was too late.

And if the dreaded upgrade bug bites again and I swap the 272 for dedicated streamer and pre then I’ve got the middle shelf and top to work with.

Last question. If I get a glass isolation platform on the middle shelf will that help shield the units above, or is it simply there to reduce vibration when a unit is on top?

If you have an empty shelf it will get filled eventually, just human nature, to further future proof why not have two and make one of the gaps big enough for a 500, just in case. :grin: It would help if they’re modular so you can play with order in future but if not assume three ps and the 500 above those.
This may seem optimistic but most of the 500 series owners on here never expected to be able to afford them, me included.

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Glass shelves will not shield in the way that some metals can. If designed correctly they might provide isolation.

Do you mean switches or routers or both.
What is the reason?

All that noisy IT stuff. That’s what I’ve been told anyway. Who wants flashing lights on their rack anyway?

Thanks HH - but is it true?
Obviously no physical noise but maybe electrical noise.
I have a switch (not a router) near my equipment.
I was planning to re-arrange my “rack” - it is a cabinet and put the switch in the cabinet.
I cannot see my equipment only a tablet and a pair of speakers - so no lights flashing or otherwise.

Who knows?

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OK I’ve been thinking a bit more and my priority is to get the burndy connection between 272 on the top shelf and XPS on bottom shelf to hang straight down given the connections are dead in line.

Has anyone done this with a standard height shelf Fraim with XPS on bottom shelf and 272 on shelf 5 and did it hang nice and straight? As my unit it being made to order I can adjust the shelf heights accordingly. I may be over thinking this but it’s the last piece of the jigsaw so may as well get it right.

I’ll also pinch HH’s idea of a tuner in the middle if the empty space bugs me.

When I had my 272 and 300 it was on a Fraim base plus four levels. So five in total. The 272 was on the top and the PS on the bottom and the Burndy was off the floor by a couple of inches.

Great and thanks. I’ve just done some measurements and I think the gap between sockets should be 90-100mm for a fully extended burndy. As I get to 100mm I think I’m introducing a little excess tension into the ends where it curves.

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