Rack Order Suggestions

Sorry I know this topic has been beaten to death but could I trouble ye with mine.

I have 4 tier fraim with 5 shelves. My new system will comprise of Rega P6/Phono stage-PS/OPPO 105 (cd/dvd player)/XPS/272/250. Ideally I would need 6 shelves but I don’t have that luxury presently.

My best guess of order would be from top to bottom would be:
Rega TT/272/250/XPS and then find a nearby place for the Rega Phono stage and PS to reach?

Because my XPS/272/250 are 230V as discussed earlier I will be using a standalone balanced transformer for now to power the 250 and XPS.


Attached is my rack and current system powered by a

Nait XS before removing it and adding XPS/272/250.

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