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Hi…I’m in the process of recommissioning my hifi after many years or inactivity…the boxes are away being serviced and was thinking of getting a new rack. Don’t have a huge budget at the moment as cashflow has stopped but I was thinking of the following as budget racks for my system…

  1. Creek AR4 glass rack
  2. Fiscal Ensemble 4 rack
  3. Ash Designs Cosmic 5

Would welcome any and all views even those who say don’t waste your money on these and get…

I can’t afford a Fraim right now so any suggestions would be great.

Many Thanks.

I don’t know the others but the Ash Designs looks great, and works very well with naim. I had one for many years. They are no longer made, and tracking down a used one that someone wants to part with can be difficult, particularly if want to match the wood to something in your room.

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The UK made SimRak is about £275 a shelf if it fits your budget.

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I like HiFi Racks purely from a design perspective, well made, easy to assemble , British and I think good value

This is my AV system and as you can see I also have speaker stands from the same company.

No high end like Quadraspire or Naim Fraim but good value and a variety of finishes


Thanks everyone for your responses but decided to go with the Ash Designs as recommended by @GeoffC…managed to snag one on fleabay…

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Another happy Hi Fi Racks user


Yes looks great but out of my budget right now… :slightly_frowning_face:

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A lovely looking rack that looks very similar to the one I use on my second system. One caveat I would make about this, or any rack with a single central support at the back is that this can play havoc when it comes to connecting wires at the back. On my system it was a nightmare to connect my Krell pre and power AV amps. That central support at the back has an awful habit of getting in the way of one or two crucial connections if your amp or other bits of kit are big enough to take up the entire surface area of the glass.

This is the rack I am considering…


Looks good, but check that the front to back size of the glass is large enough that the interconnects on your kit will fit once your system units are in the rack.

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Stand dimensions: 850 x 600 x 460mm (hwd)

Shelf dimensions: 10 x 470 x 400 (hwd)

So should be fine!

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