Rack stack order

That looks fine. I have my 135s below my NDS. These things are a compromise and that looks like the best compromise with the stacks and the boxes that you have.

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My Podiums arrived and look/sound great. Any viewpoints on the impact of stacking HiCaps directly on top of each other (currently on separate shelves)? Need some more space on shelves.

Likewise with a furture upgrade I am considering with stacking an XPS on a Supercap?

I would keep each power supply on separate shelves. The idea of separates is to keep them separate. You could have two hicaps side by side on a wider standard shelf. You also in danger of marking the boxes stacking on top.

The ideal arrangement is two stacks for multiple boxes with phono stages, preamps and sources on left. With power amp at bottom of this stack. Known as brain stack. The power supplies on the right stack known as Brawn. That way you are keeping Naim’s large transformers away from the sensitive signal paths of preamps and sources. This is why Naim’s power supplies IEC inlets for your plugs are on the right.

You can always try it - if it sounds good, it is good.

Mind you, like most of us, you’ll probably end up doing what @Dan_M says, like most of us. You should get a bit more detail from less background noise, less chance of getting a hum and less difficulty in cooling your boxes. Also, I stacked 25 years ago and the little rubber feet leave marks on the black boxes.


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