Radio 3 HD bitrate

When listening to Radio 3 HD on my Nova reports that the signal is AAC 48khz 335kbps. The BBC themselves claim that the output is 320kbps. How do we account for this discrepancy?

Also, given that there is a lower bitrate version of Radio 3, why do they not provide a cd quality version on their HD transmission?

BBC have run some test transmissions starting in 2017.
I understand one of the main stumbling blocks is it’s unable to find a format suitable for delivery to the wide range of streaming devices in use around the BBC UK served area.
That remains the case, e.g. only the current range of Naim products can receive lossless transmission over the web. Older devices can be made to receive, but that requires some extra user installed software programs.
BBC used FLAC for the trails, now other web radio services have since added a FLAC based service to their regular transmissions.


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