Radio 3 - Weird

Guys good morning,

R3 on my recently acquired NAT01 sounds sublime as expected but I’ve noticed that up until approx 11:30 the stereo light is off and then comes off. R4 and Classic FM seem normal.


Hi Lindsay, listening to Radio 3 at the moment and the stereo light is on. Don’t think it has gone off in the couple of months that I have owned my Nat01.

Thanks, it’s playing fine, but light off again this morning. Where are you? I’m in Buckingham so wonder if it’s a regional thing? I would have the aerial installers out if it didn’t appear to be a time of day thing.



Hi Lindsay I live in Teddington. My signal is from Wrotham in Kent. I have a Ron S Circular 5 in the loft. I am lucky my reception has always been good.

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Buckingham has a choice of FM transmitter, but I believe your strongest signal is from Oxford on 91.7Mhz. Are you on that and is your aerial pointing at it?
I’m on the Oxford TX and my NAT-05 R3 stereo light is on, but it’s only 4km distant, so it’s no indicator that all is OK on 91.7, maybe power is down a few clicks for maintenance, but there’s nothing in the BBC www info pages.

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Mike yes I’m on 91.7, I’ll have the aerial guys out but probably wait until the NY.


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Your 01 will need a stronger signal than the 05 in order to get hiss free stereo. Do you have a substantial aerial?

I assume your post means it’s stereo until 11.30 then mono, or maybe it’s the other way round? Whatever, if this is consistent day to day, it must be worth contacting the BBC in case there is something happening at the transmitter.

When we had an 01 and 02 we had a Ron Smith Galaxie 14 on the back of the house, pointing to the Rowridge transmitter on the Isle of Wight. It was absolutely massive and was initially at the ridge, but a neighbour complained and we had to get planning permission to have it on the back.

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Nigel thanks, stereo light off until about 11.30AM, then comes on. Standard FM aerial but I will get them out.



I suspect a much more powerful aerial is required. If this is recommended, do check with the council before having it installed, in case planning permission is required. I was using a five element with an 05 until the beginning of the year, with a good line of sight to the transmitter. With an 01 a bigger aerial is really needed.


I have no issue with them complaining. The Ron Smith was absolutely massive and looked really silly on the top of the house. I should never have bought the thing but at the time they were de rigueur.

Just checked Google Street View for Yeldham Road - where I lived back in HiFi Review days.

My Ron Smith is still dwarfing the skyline. I don’t suppose anyone is using it for its intended purpose.


Fair enough. Equanimity is as good an exercise as another to live a serene life.
But was it also a City Regulation offense, or just your neighbors’ sensitivity?
Sorry for intruding.

I always get a little frisson when I drive past the factory on Southampton Rd and glimpse the FM aerials on the gable end :slight_smile:


Also on the Oxford transmitter at about 10km. Using my recently resurrected Pioneer TX606 (surprisingly good but, less surprisingly, not as good as the NDX2 - comparing apples to pears of course), there is no problem with stereo light on just a small aerial (proper aerials give too strong a signal and cause all sorts of interference on R3).

Hi PW, I’m surprised you get interference with too strong signal on a ‘proper’ aerial. I would be more inclined to suspect, multi-path, reflection or shading, but if not, then it might be the Pioneer.
My NAT-05 has a R.S. G14 pointing at Oxford (Beckley) which is 4km distant, way way OTT!, no hint of interference or distortion.

You are right. I meant the Pioneer specifically does not cope with a strong signal for whatever reason. I remember it had an unofficial but recommended modification some 40 years ago but I can’t remember the details; it could be this has something to do with it. It only affects R3. Anyway, with just a tiny aerial, reception is good and hiss free and no nasty warbling in the background.

Thanks for the inputs guys. Taking forward with aerial installers.


Raining this morning, both lights shining brightly!


But wow does it sound fantastic :grin::sunglasses::grin::sunglasses:

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