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Mrs HH likes to listen to the Kermode and Mayo film review on 5 Live on Friday afternoons. But yesterday it wasn’t possible on the Naim app - all she could get a 5 extra which had sport. The ‘normal’ 5 live wasn’t available. So she had to use BBC Sounds and use Airplay to listen on the Qb. As the 272 doesn’t have Airplay it wasn’t possible to listen in the sitting room.

It seems that 5 Live adds Extra when there are ‘extra’ sport things going on. Could I please make a plea that both versions of 5 Live are made available on the Naim app? That would mean she could listen to the Film Review in comfort. Perhaps @Stevesky could arrange this with the BBC. Thanks!!

Hi @hungryhalibut

We’ll have a dig around and see if there are some alternative streams to include in the directory. BBC can be a bit sneaky on their stream variants.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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That seems odd given that 5 Live and 5 Live Sports Extra are listed separately.
I guess as it’s in the On Demand section you can always listen to it there albeit not the HD stream.

On the app there is just the standard 5 live, in normal and HD. What is needed is Live and Sports Extra or whatever it’s called.

On Sounds they are both there, but of course you can’t send Sounds to the 272. The Naim app shows 1 extra and 4 extra so the extras are clearly available. It seems that it’s just a case of adding 5 extra.

Can you add stations in the app?

On my RPI based system, the streams appear to be:

All seem fine at the moment

That’s rather odd. Had to reset the QB for the 15 year old last night following the installation of a Sky Q hub etc. That reset all his presets and favourites. His current obsession with Premier League fantasy football is being fed by 5 Live Sport etc. so I was keen to relocate them. All the 5 streams were there including the sports ones. Should that not be happening then?

Hi @hungryhalibut

The 5 live sports extra is in the directory - see screenshot.

We did an update the other day to add new stations like bbc radio 1 dance.



Thanks so much for looking into this for me, Steve. It seems that it’s down to how the app is sorting stations via the A-Z. On the setting we were using it puts 5 live sports extra separate from the standard 5 live. Neither Mrs HH nor I thought of looking further up the list.

The odd thing is that one is Radio 5 Live and the other is R5 Live Sports Extra, which is why the alphabetic sort moves it.

Yet with Radio 4 it is Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra. With Radio 1 it’s Radio 1 and Radio 1 Xtra. It’s not R1 Xtra and R4 Extra. I wonder why 5 is different.

I’ve now located both and added them to the favourites on the 272 and Qbs. That should make Mrs HH’s life easier. Thanks again for your help and sorry to have wasted your time. Cheers.

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