Radio Caroline founder RIP

Sad to hear Ronan O’Rahilly, Irish founder of Radio Caroline has died, some of my earliest musical introductions were heard on MW late at night wafting in from the North Sea, reception was always a bit hit n miss in Ireland but it made it more exciting when you were about 14! RIP.


I had my first radio with some small earphones listening late at night to Radio Caroline. Happy times.

RIP Ronan


Big fan of the mid-70’s Caroline when they were broadcasting off the Mi Amigo and promoting Loving Awareness - bit bizarre as they shared the time with Dutch broadcasts.

Managed to find this little gem a few years ago pity it’s from a vinyl copy - the band it turns out was the Blockheads.


Very sad news.

Pirate radio was a huge part of my life (more Radio City 299 than Caroline or London, but still…).
Great times, great sounds.

Never forgave Benn for shutting them down.

Rock on Ronan!

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“LA, the only way”.

I have fond memories of Radio Caroline on 309m, 319m and 259m on the medium wave. I guess it shaped my journey of musical discovery. I have a DVD of several broadcasts from the Mi Amigo and the subsequent ship, the Ross Revenge.

It’s available now as a streamed radio service, but of course it’s not the same experience.

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For any younger members, who weren’t there at that wonderful time:
Radio City
Radio Caroline

Radio London (poor photo, sorry)

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