Radio Listening Data 1st Qtr 2022

RAJAR have published the data for 1st Qtr 2022
We can’t compare 1st Qtr 2021 to 1st Qtr 2022 as RAJAR were shutdown during early 2021.
New for 2022 is Website Apps & Smart Radio included in Total On-Line.

All Radio Listening - Share Platform (%)
Q3 2021 Q4 2021 Q1 2022
FM 34.2 35.6 32.0
Total Digital 65.8 64.4 67.9
DAB 43.0 42.5 41.1
DTV 4.7 5.1 4.5
Total On-Line 18.1 16.9 22.4
Web Apps N/A N/A 12.4
Smart Speaker N/A N/A 9.6

Interesting. The only time I listen to FM now is occasionally in the car, radios at home are all DAB, so listen to DAB considerably more than FM.

I mainly listen to Radio via my streamer so I wonder where streamers get counted?

Is it Web apps or under Smart speaker? These two seem the closest to me. Or is the figure so small that it is ignored by RAJAR in this data?

It used to be in the one On-Line category, its now split into Web & Smart Speaker which are both web/internet services only.

I only listen to DAB in the car, the FM/DAB tuner in the kitchen look about 5 minutes to hear that its DAB was very poor, its never been there again in these last 5 years.
My Naim NAT-05 will have a home as long as we have the national FM service.

FM onlg here: I only listen to the radio when getting up in the morning, plus occasionally in the car. Wy wife sometimes listens while doing things in the house. The mains alarm clock radio doesn’t have DAB, The battery radio we use in the house does have DAB, but drains its batteries considerably faster than FM, to the point of it being a real nuusance having to keep plugging into its charger - far less energy efficient, with no evident benefit to us. None of our cars have DAB.

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