Radio Listening Data 3rd QTR 2019

It’s been a while since I posted UK radio listing data - I started this when FM switch off was a threat.

RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) publish UK radio listening data each quarter. The original government plan was to begin the process of switching off national FM/AM & move to DAB when digital listening reached 50% to exceed FM/AM & when DAB coverage matches that of FM…
Things have moved on somewhat, and although the 50% target has been passed, BBC has proposed that switching off FM is premature for numbers of reasons such as DAB availability in the automotive sector & hints that DAB set ownership is not as high as expected. So it looks like FM switch off is on hold for a few more years
… & the politicians (bless 'em) have found some other distractions.


The trends (shown as %) from previous QTR’s continues, except some sectors have made a more dramatic change in comparison to previous years…
The decline of FM has gained momentum, but the digital growth is not in DAB, that continues to be slow.
The big growth is in On-Line (web radio)


Encouraging Mike. My NAT01 has never sounded so wonderful on Radio 3, so I must get round to getting it serviced. I keep putting it off a) because it was about to become redundant b) can I bear to be without it???

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Many thanks Mike. As Nick says Radio 3 on the NAT01 sounds so good at the moment. It’s my favourite source by some margin. I adjusted the direction of my 5 element Yagi to point in a slightly different direction towards Wenvoe. This was aided by a very good app which aligns you to the transmitters in range. The improvement has been well worth it. So organic and rich. Long may FM continue…


I’ve been working from home quite a bit recently and some days the NAT01 plays all day on Radio 3. Wonderful.


That’s quite a wireless set Mark, with your active Isobariks! :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris. The Briks and 01 are probably a similar vintage, so, a happy match. :slightly_smiling_face:

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