Radio Paradise, down for everybody or just me?

As per topic title, RP is not working on the ND5 XS2 or my Sonos speakers and although I can access the RP website it is very slow to load and I can’t listen to any streams.
So is it a problem with my network or is it the same for everybody? All other services seem to be working OK.

RP Main Mix is down for me, but RP Mellow works OK.

OK thanks, just need to be patient as surely it will come back

Yes, main mix and eclectic are down for me. Rock and eclectic were working but just now they all seem to be down. I have tried resetting everything here but no success. So does look like a problem at their end……

There were a few other stations down as well, so unlikely to be just an RP issue I would think.

RP Main is working fine here in the states.

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Working here in France.

Main and Rock mix are both back now though It does keep pausing for a second or so.

Back now in Germany! 1500 uk time

All back here too (UK)

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