Radio Paradise Mellow Mix Flac Stream not working

In the past week the flac stream no longer works on my Ist gen Muso.

The other RP flac stream work fine.
I’ve been using Kurts server settings for the past 3 yrs with no issues and I’ve not changed anything.

These are my settngs - Radio.M3u file
#EXTINF:-1,[RPMellow] Radio Paradise Mellow Mix FLAC


Has there been any change to the settings I am unaware of?

Thanks a lot!

It’s working OK in UK.
Why are you using those settings, why not use the Naim app, iRadio, Naim Choices listing.

The first gen streamers can’t use the Hidef stations.
Kurt put together a workaround that has been working well these past few years.
But strangely only the mellow mix Flac stream is not working for me.
It’s probably vtuner related I’m guessing.

The flac stream with metadata is working fine.

Your .mp3 file without metadata is correct and should work but is maybe down. The vtuner link seems out of date.

All the official RP links are at
Radio Paradise

It’s working again so must have been a vtuner issue.

You can close the thread. Thanks.

Glad it is OK.

However it must have been a temp RP issue, not a vTuner issue, as their link was not working.

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