Radio paradise not working

Anyone have this problem?
I’m in NY

I’m in AZ and just tried both my streaming methods and neither are working.

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JB Radio 2 is sounding pretty good though.

It’s working for me in the UK (via Roon)

London calling… no issues here. :sunglasses:

I am in Canada, and the last few days I could not get the Eclectic/World station to work.
The Main ,rock and mellow work fine.

Maybe Steve @110dB can chime in?

Another option in the meantime is to download the RP app in iOS. It’s free and has all the RP stations. You can then stream to Naim unit. In the settings you have options for quality, all the way up to Flac.

Hi @davidf

@Stevesky our Tech Dir of Software has a station scanner; the scanner picked up the UK downtime. Steve contacted our friends at Radio Paradise yesterday and they said it would be up today. Hopefully same for you the US.

All going well you should be able to return to Paradise :slight_smile:

If anyone else wants to tune in: The RP stations are listed in ‘Naim’s Choice’, they are also in the Hidef iRadio list for 44.1kHz 16bit FLAC quality.



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