Radio Paradise res setting?

Does anyone know how I can find out which of the streaming resolutions is active when I play Radio Paradise internet radio through my NSC 222 controlled by the Naim app? Or how to choose from the options offered by Radio Paradise? On my phone with the RP website or app I can choose among several options from MP3 to FLAC, but I see no such options through the Naim app.

it should state on the 222 display what rez you are playing. To select alternatives select the Internet Radio button on the app and select Hidef Radio - they are all there, alternatively search by location - North America/US/California. You are right though when you search via the app the hi res dont appear

Thanks for your help. I have my 222 display set to go dark after a few seconds. It turns out the only way to see the RP (and any source, I expect) streaming resolution on the 222 is to pause and then restart the streaming. The streaming resolution then appears under the station identification.

And I found where the app itself shows streaming resolution - you must click on the station icon at the bottom left of the screen on the strip showing the track currently playing. However, I can’t find anywhere that allows me to select Radio Paradise’s streaming resolution options, so it appears that my high send 222 is fixed at 318 kbps - yet I can stream FLAC on my phone. Makes no sense, but now I have my (underwhelming) answer at least.

It’s a shame that Naim user interface design is not in the same league at all as their audio design. I sent Naim a number of suggestions for an improved UI when I first got my 222. Ever the optimist!

Update: Hollow, I misread your directions re the app. So yes, I now find the Stations under Hi Def. Back on track with high quality streaming. Thanks again.

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Why not just press the track info button on the remote? It’ll show the resolution and format.

eh no, you’re just not using it correctly, see above, it’s all there

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