Radio Paradise

None of the streaming channels are working for me this morning. Other channels including BBC are working as normal. Anyone else having problems. @stevesky any technical issues?


Paradise itself is working, non Naim streamer here.

Could be a naim related issue then, I have an NDX2!

It seems to be the lossless FLAC streams that are broken. The bog standard versions are fine.

It’s the same on their web player, although the RP app which uses ALAC seems OK.

Neither are working for me!

Same for me on non-Naim streamer.
Tried several different methods (Airable, Direct URL playlist and Serviio Online sources) - same results.
The problem is RP.

No same on non-Naim streamers for flac streams.

All the RP services on Naim Choice (iRadio/vTuner) are off.
Other iRadio services are OK
I suspect the RP to vTuner link is down

Paradise mellow flac is working here in France on Auralic and Node 2 devices.

Deleted, please remove.

Somethings up, I can’t access the RP website on my computer and the streams aren’t working on my Sonos

Whatever the problem is it has now reached France. No flac playing on any of the paradise streams. Just showing continuous buffering.

Web site appears knackered as well

Website is up here, it’s been overhauled, new direction, new DJs to help out (Bill, now William, is still there). Read up on it when you can.

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

Everything including the Flac sites are now working again.

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No problems with the RP FLAC streams in the states. Both Kurt’s vtuner cloud flac streams and upnp streams via minimstreamer work fine.

Me too - all working again. Maybe was a RP server or DNS issue.

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