Radio presets going crazy

Analog to an unanswered post dating back from October 2019, I am experiencing a similar problem with the radio presets on my brand new 1st gen Mu-so.

I have five different stations preset, but when I select one it plays the wrong station. In fact, all five play the same station. I tried resetting the Mu-So and wiping out all the presets, but this didn’t work. I can set five presets, but they all play the first one that I played. I’ve deleted the app and reset the unit several times… no luck.

The post from October 2019 was unanswered, mo solution was given. Does this mean that this problem is stubbornly ignored by Naim?

They may not be aware of it. Or it could mean your unit has a fault. Have you let Naim know of the problem you are experiencing here? If you haven’t already contacted Naim support, I would recommend you do so.

I will definitely contact Naim on the topic. But seeing that it is not isolated and that others have seen the same behavior does worry me…

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