Radio stations show stopped on Atom

Using app can play station it when attempting a new station they show as stopped! If I try playing a new station it carries playing the previous one, Using Atom

Remove the station from your favourites / presets. Search for the station and it should work. Then resave as a favourite / preset.


Thanks for response? But radio stations say “stopped” when I select from favourites the Atom will only keep playing the original selection

Yes, that is right. If you do as I explained above it should work. Delete the non working favourite. Search for it anew. It should then play and you can save it again.

At moment have station called The Wolf playing, if I try to play another favourite. It comes asking for reconnect.i do that.but on selection it reverts to The Wolf?,

Look for the station you want using the search. Do not try to play the favourite.

Which station doesn’t work? If it’s non uk can you state the country etc.

I can go to favourites and play say The Wolf. Then I try to select another fav. It selects it ok but asks to reconnect.Which I do. But but on attempting to play the new instead plays The Wolf prog. This happens whenever I try to play anything else in favourites? If I play radio internet out of Favourites seems to work. Thanks for your help

The reason for this is that stations sometimes change their addresses so the Naim doesn’t know where to look.

If you delete the non working favourite and replace it with the working station, you’ll then have working favourites. This is what I advised in previous posts.

I’m experiencing something similar with my Qb/Qb 2 and Nova. Some stations to not play when selected regardless of whether they’re stored as a favourite or not e.g., Vibez Urban (station plays fine on TuneIn).

Upon selecting the station there is a pause and then the previously selected radio station starts playing again.

This started last weekend when nearly all radio stations listed in Internet Radio simply disappeared, and then returned after an hour or so and affected all Naim devices.

I suspect it’s another Vtuner issue, which increasingly appears to be not fit for purpose.


I will try that

Had this problem before. It then seemed to self right itself?,

Not yet. Vibez Urban still MIA.

If you go to and search and play the station it tells you “station not currently available”.

Although the Naim instance on vTuner could be different - it is unlikely.
The above indicates that the station probably has a changed URL and VTuner is asleep.
Current working URL appears to be
Maybe @Stevesky can assist.
P.S. @Rogerhp12 It probably “rights itself” when someone fixes it.

Thanks. I’ll seach the vtuner site in future when stations disappear (I’ve only visited it a couple of times in the past and the archaic design deterred me from delving deeper).