Radio Vtuner - adding stations?

Hey everyone, just got a new Star - v impressed, works well with my KEF LS50 - for now!

I am trying add missing internet radio stations via the Vtuner page and can see the stations I want in the list but I don’t see a button to add favourites as per instructions. Has anyone else seen this?

I don’t the DAB module so its all under Internet Radio input, I am logged into Vtuner site with my MAC address and email.

Thanks in advance!
Screenshot showing missing button:

Hi, in practice it’s rarely necessary to add stations manually, as they are nearly always in the menu somewhere. The trick is knowing where to look in the menu!
Use this link to search, and you’ll find any statiion that’s on vTuner:

Then you’ll know where to search in the iRadio menu, and you can save the station as a favourite for future easy access

I can see the station I want in VTuner but I can’t find it on IOS app, so I thought next step is to use to add this to my station list. I have only had the Star a few days so maybe I have missed something to refresh station list or something.

I don’t have iRadio menu, maybe thats because I don’t have the DAB module

Paging radio guru @Stevesky!

Once you have found the station in vTuner, you will be able to see where it is. In this case it’s in in Internet only, genre Variety:

So if you open the iRadio input on the Naim app, you can navigate to Location > Internet only > Variety, scroll down and you will see it in the list.

You don’t need the DAB module, just the iRadio input on the Naim app home page.

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It’s nothing to do with the DAB module.

In the Atom/Star/Nova it’s called Internet Radio and not iRadio. You will have the Internet Radio icon on the Nova Home Screen.



Sorted, I found it by navigating as Chris suggested. Not able to find it on IRadio search bar or filter in Variety folder, maybe there are just too many stations so its not cached.

Thanks your help!!

Something isn’t quite right as vTuner doesn’t have favourites option as per -

Not an issue now, just thought I’d call it out as that is partly where my confusion came from. Maybe I had got to that page via Google without realising it was NDX2, does seem like should be same though.

Thanks again!

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