Radiohead - from the basement

This needs no introduction for those that know. Along with TLOL is one of the bands best live performances.
Does anyone know where you can now download the tracks? The production is excellent and I’ve read you can get the flac files but all I can find is the YouTube version.

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I suspect what you’ve found has been ripped from the Blu-ray/dvd.

I haven’t found anything. Can you rip the flac audio files from a dvd?

I bought the video from iTunes years ago. I love it, and watch it occasionally, but listen to the album itself much more. The audio on the video is good enough for me if I want the visuals and the (frankly stunning) live performance.

How on earth do they keep the timing together on Weird Fishes? I’ve seen other live performances on YT where they’ve struggled. I personally saw them live years ago, and Thom stopped the song a few seconds in and admonished Phil for drifting to the wrong timing when the guitars came in - I’m not sure it was really on Phil. I mean that guy is a human metronome. Seriously.

(Ed’s “aaayy-oooooh” harmonies on the same track are really something else.)

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Japanese 2xCD of “in rainbows” comes with a second cd of “from the basement”.

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Isn’t that just the same as you can find in Tidal and Qobuz?

Disk 2 are additional tracks, not the live “from the basement” set

That’s what I thought but I was referring more to the 2xCD on Amazon Japan that @robert_h mentioned

I think I’ve read the Japan one comes with the two disks, plus a recoding from the basement which is why he linked it but I can’t work that out from the link, nor whether you can’t order it for the uk

Maybe that’s not the correct one on Amazon jp, but there seems to have been a release in Japan with “from the basement” as the second CD. Check discogs for the info.

You have to be careful as some are cd plus dvd like this one:

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