Radiohead Mindisc (HACK)

Fans of Radiohead might be interest in 18 hours of Ok Computer sessions that were hacked last week they decided not to pay a ransom and release it all on Bandcamp for £18.


Good for them! That’s the way to respond to blackmail!


Thanks for posting this Andy.

i listened to MD112 so far, and was treated to some excellent acoustic demos by Thom (some of OK Computer and some unknowns), a bit of Thom pretending to sound like Lou Reed, some ambient train noise, and a couple of full band rough run throughs - Airbag being a highlight.

For fans, this is mana from heaven + absolutely love the way they handled the situation.

When you download it, each MD is a very long track.
They made this very presentable - each track has its own cover art which is a scan of the relevant Minidisc with I presume Thom’s handwriting - kind of what a mix tape used to look like. Brilliant !!


Not something I will be dipping into BUT, kudos for handling this ******* in the way they did, and donating the proceeds.

A little story.

Years ago, 2003 or 2004 or so - I was on holiday to the south of France with my group of friends (still friends). We were in tents on a campsite and It was raining all the time - therefore we were mostly sitting in the car. My friends did not want to move to Spain despite my efforts in convincing them. All we had were 2 cd’s in the car: Coldplay & Radioheads OK’ computer.

So I have been listening for 2 weeks on holiday in rainy France to Radiohead.

I have never been as moody as I was on that holiday.

Nostalgia has kicked in and now I listen frequently to OK Computer which sounds absolutely fantastic on the SBL’s.

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