Random play can't be disabled on the app with ND5 XS2

I play albums from an external hard disk connected through the back USB port of my ND5 XS2. I don’t remember having this issue with Android app some time ago, but when I click play on whichever album now, random play is on automatically. Worst of all there’s no way to disable it, when I click on it, it grays out for half a second then get back on. Anyone else is experiencing this bad behaviour on Android app?
Thanks in advance for any support.

The random play logo (below) is on the app screen
I expect you’ve touched it at sometime, it should show as unhighlighted for normal play.
If the app seems to be frozen on random play and it won’t turn off, I suggest deleting and reinstalling the app.

Don’t know how it was happening, I suspect it was related to the use of free Spotify streaming (you know, it force the shuffle play). In some way, after closing Spotify, the app remained in shuffle mode even if I was using my music server. The day after was back to normal operation.
Thanks anyway for your support.