Rank your top Jimi Hendrix albums

Mine would be
1 Are you Experienced
2 Band of Gypsys
3 Electric Ladyland
4 Axis
5 Hendrix in the West.

Those are the only albums I have so would welcome further recommendations….

  1. Are You Experienced…?
  2. First Rays of the New Rising Sun (re-issue)
  3. Electric Ladyland
  4. South Saturn Delta (re-issue)

You should definitely get Live In Monterey that would be my number one. In fact I think the live albums are better than the studios
My choices would be:

  1. Live in Monterey
  2. BBC Sessions
  3. Winterland (the box set is great but there’s also a single disc)
  4. Woodstock
  5. Wild Blue Angel IOW Festival.
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