Raspberry Pi as simple NAS and DLNA server

Many, many options out there, just wondering what you use and how happy you are:

a) DLNA software (or similar)
b) To share a drive (or more) over the LAN

We have a few Pis which are for the kids.

Just got a new 4GB Pi 4 (8GB ones just out, but little availability) on an Amazon deal from yesterday which had some little extras that I’d have to get separately including more beefy PSU, basic case/fan and microHDMI to HDMI cables as the Pi 4 has 2 microHDMI outputs.

I’m sure one of the older Pi’s would suffice, but hopefully gigabit ethernet and a bit more power will help.

I use RPi3Bs with MoOde Software to pull FLACs from a Synology NAS. Different HATs - digi out or analogue out. Wired or wireless. Also got some RPiZeroWs with digi output HATs and analogue output HATs; even got one with a headphone amplifier.

Best combo i have is an AlloUSBridge Signature (uses RPi3 Compute Module) with an Allo DigiOne Signature (SPDIF BNC/RCA outputs) and Allo Shanti dual LPS. Feeds a nDAC+XPS via DC-1 .

Works for me.


Thanks suzywong.

Must remind myself of MoOde which I’ve breifly looked at before.

I know it may not be the best solution, but perhaps thinking more in terms of just dabbling more with the Pi myself so wondering about using one to set up a drive or a mirrored RAID pair as a LAN fileshare and also possibly using Asset UPnP or a specific build for the Pi to support media serving duties.

I can’t see it being any worse than my old WD MyCloud device (which in fairness still does some sort of a job!).

Thanks gentooplayer looks interesting, thanks. Does it allow it to work as a DLNA server for audio?

Unfortunately the WD is quite old and won’t run any extra software such as Asset (at least not officially).

I use a Rpi 4 - 1 gb ram running Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) lite. I have a 2 tb usb drive attached to it with wired ethernet. AssetUPNP for Rpi installed. It works quite well, no issues at all. I transfer music files to it via ssh ( WinSCP gui). I imagine you need to spend a bit to beat it.

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Gentoo player does have dlna. Via its web interface enable mpd and upmpdcli and set the audio output to DigiOne in my case. I use it that way with my DigiOne transport card attached to a Rpi 3 which connects to my Qutest with a BNC cable.

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Sorry can it act as a DLNA server - at present I’m not considering using a HAT but that may come in time.

I does not have a dlna server in it’s current form from what I can see. It appears to have only a dlna renderer, upmpdcli.

Edit, Minimserver is part of the package, so there you go, Upnp server.

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Great - not had much success setting up BubbleUPnP in the past (trying for Qobuz gapless streaming), not used LMS. Presumably RoonServer and MinimServer (or is basic version free still?) would need relevant licences.

With GentooPlayer, BubbleUpnp or whatever else it offers just needs to be enabled via the web interface, could not be any easier.

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Gentoo sounds well worth exploring - I should have several SD cards for different options if I can find them!


  1. Download image
  2. Copy to SD card
  3. Insert into Rpi
  4. Plug into ethernet and then power up
  5. Wait about 5 minutes for it to set itself up.
  6. Connect to web interface - http://gentooplayerrpi64:5000/index.html
  7. Look around, familiarize yourself with it, enable what you want.
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Qobuz gapless was a problem with Chromecast from iOS and also various other things apart from Roon - Audirvana now works prettyy well with recent firmware but I’ve reverted to an older one so this may give options!

+1 for GentooPlayer.
I only run BubbleUPnP Server to provide Qobuz and transcode to WAV for my old-tech Uniti 1. Works wonderfully.
I did try and just install BubbleUPnP Server with the necessary ffmpeg to do the transcoding, but couldn’t get it to work. GentooPlayer was seamless.

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I’ve spent over 4 hours tonight looking for some spare SD cards!!!

Unfortunately in clutterville this is a thankless task.

I have instead however found my Canon DSLR charger that I replaced just over a week ago along with several other things I’d lost and replaced - very odd.

Eventually found one where I started looking - why does this always seem to be the case? Is it just me?

Hopefully some domestic brownie points anyway for a mini tidy up :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m using this, with the Daphile OS installed (see here). So simple and easy to use …

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If you fancy something a little more hands-on, I have an RPi3 that uses Tinycorelinux’s piCore to stream images, music and videos using rygel.

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Right, have some time to dabble today.

Just installed GentooPlayer on the 4GB Rpi4 that arrived a few days ago.

Can access it via the web interface, have installed the 64 bit version.

Wondering what to try first.

Noticed there’s a Roon Server option - currently using Roon on mac Mini.

Does Roon Server need a separate licence or does the desktop Roon control Roon server?

Hmm, can’t enable Roon Server.

Not tried it, but I see this:
RoonServer: media server (Only x86).
It’s in the menu, but only applies to the x86 image. Won’t run on the Rpi

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