Rattling & ‘buzzing’ sounds from NAS cured

Thought I’d share how I went about curing the annoying buzz and rattling vibrating sound from my Synology DS916+ NAS today - it’s become more and more intrusive over the last 3 months! Even though the NAS is in a separate room, it was making a racket that was hard to ignore, and I’ve been leaving it off because of this. I don’t use my NAS for my HiFi system (I have a UnitiCore), but do use it as backup for the Core, my iTunes library and for photos and films.

Following Research on Google and YouTube, it appears this ‘buzzing’ is a common ‘feature’ of some of the Synology NASs.

This video was especially helpful in getting me started with how to dismantle my DS916+ without snapping any fragile plastic pieces or stripping any screws. You’ll see that the chap who posted the video had a few goes before he successfully eliminated the vibrations and rattling;

In addition, I used adhesive Velcro strips in the bottom of the drive bay rails, and low and behold, complete elimination of the buzzing vibrations. There’s another video on this here;

Thought I’d post this in case any forum members are having similar issues.

ATB. George.

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