Rattly loose screw in nait xs2

hope i can ask this question! Moving things around this weekend i heard a rattle from my nait xs2 (2015 model) and looking at it, i think someone has tried to open it in its past as the hidden screw cap is missing on the underside and looking in with a torch its evident the screw is rattling around. I removed the 4 screws on the underside near the feet and tipping the amp up i could see the crew through a small gap id manged to achieve’t. But i can lift the lid off, is there another screw that i need to undo? I was prepared for a bit of heatsink grease between the lid and the aluminium bar the output transistors are mounted on but it seems stuck fast. i don’t wan to bend it so gave up… screw still inside. just want to avoid the screw shorting something and get it back together.

There’s a screw that secures the centre front of the lid to the fascia. It’s accessed through the hole. Be careful though as it’s easy to pimple the zinc/magnesium lid. I’m not sure though what tip you’ll need these days for this one as I think it changed at some point. Perhaps @NeilS can advise here.

hi Richard- -that’s the screw that’s rattling around as i can see its missing from peering through the access hole. So there are 5 screws undone (including the missing centre one) but the lid wont budge. Any internal shots on google give me no clue on any other screws other than one near the three torx bolts that secure the heat sink. Images show a hole in the circuit board so does this go to the lid also - its a torx bolt the same as the heat sink bolts.

I think it’s best to wait on Neil’s advice here.

Hi Hifi-dog,

Looking at the underside, there are a row of screws that secure the heatsink to the chassis, there is also a smaller hex headed screw slightly offset to the row of screws - this is the one you need to remove.
When you have retrieved the loose one (there should be a shakeproof washer too), thread it into the hole at the front of the cover a couple of turns. Then you access it through the hole to tighten when the cover is refitted & everything is lined up.



brilliant! thanks a lot!! i have some heat sink grease so will apply some more if needed.

Just for the avoidance of any doubt, do ensure that the amp is switched off and unplugged before opening up to retrieve the screw. Also, make sure you’re earthed to prevent any ESD damage to logic control chips.

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thanks Richard & neil- the amp will be on the dining room table and i have a static band so all good

Thanks @NeilS @Richard.Dane - all done , no dramas. Have to marvel at the neatness of naim circuit boards.

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