RCA digital cables

Setting up my UnitiQute2 again (finally) . . . digital input choices are optical and RCA.

Is there a difference between RCA “digital” cables and bog-standard RCA analog cables?

The RCA cables I own (analog) are in L / R pairs . . . I guess I’ll try one side of such a pair and see what happens.

Edit: It works . . . will I get a better result with a $10.00 Monoprice “digital” RCA cable? Who knows.

Yes… a digital one MUST be 75 ohms while “normal” are 50 ohms.


Interestingly I do get a “digital signal locked” message on the Naim app. But I don’t know if relevant.

I can buy a 75 ohm cable pretty inexpensively.

Just buy one… it’s tidier!

RCA connectors don’t have a 75ohm characteristic impedance anyway (unlike BNC, which are available in several variants… ) whatever cable is used, so I reckon it’s a moot point. If you’re being picky, buy a DC1; if you’re feeding it from a tv, maybe optical is a better compromise.

Coaxial digital cables for SPDIF have a characteristic impedance of 75 ohm and are designed as transmission lines to match the connected devices.
Audio interconnects will have a wide range of impedances and are not designed as transmission lines.
However SPDIF is a very forgiving standard, so it is likely you can use an audio interconnect over a short distance as a digital interconnect, but you might get the occasional drop out.