Rca or Din

Easy question naim nait 3 to cd5i. Currently din to rca.
Would due to my modest amplification make any difference to sound if I got a DIN to DIN. I mean would there much difference in the sound if I sourced this interconnect? Thanks all.

The ideal cable for your setup is Naim’s standard Din to Din interconnect. It’s sometimes called a ‘lavender’. The new price is £115 I believe, but you can find them secondhand. Your CD5i and Nait 3R are brilliant and well deserve a decent cable. The cable really should have come in the box when you bought your CD player. It may be worth checking that you don’t already have it somewhere.

I’ve just checked on eBay and there is one for a mere £34 plus postage. A veritable bargain.

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Thanks. Yes unfortunately it was a used d5i. So had to use what I had, which was a Din to RCA ,which connected to my failed arcam cd92.
I mean, would it make much difference to the sound at all?

Hi is that the NA-46 on e bay? £34 or best offer plus p&p?

That’s the one. Buy it! It’s a bargain.

Thanks. I will now.

Thanks for the heads up. Much obliged! I got it for £30.

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Well done! Let us know what you think when you get it hooked up.


thanks Mark. I’ll have a listen with the Rca into the CD player, as now,
then chuck the naim DIN TO DIN on.
See even with my rubbish hearing if I can tell much difference. Cheers pal.

Hi. Thanks for the guidance on purchasing a naim lavender.
As at the moment I have a generic interconnect between my nait3 and cd5i. DIN to RCA.
What can I expect to hear, with the lavender DIN to DIN, between the source and amp.

Hi. Could you please tell me, when I get the lavender, is there a way it should be attached. I mean is there a direction indicated to the source DIN. Do they lock tight when you offer them up to the amp/cd. Obviously they have to line up.

It has a little collar round the cable at one end. This is the source end. I’d suggest not locking the locking rings. Just insert the plug and let it hang. It seems to sound better that way.

Thanks. Yes that makes sense. I think my present Din is not locked in my nait.

Mark I’ve received the cable and got it running. It sounds better. More detail I would say. Definitely. I was surprised the cable is not very big in cross section. There is a coloured collar on it. With the number. Should there be anything written on the cable? I can’t see anything mentioned. It does have a very slight tint mind you.

Assuming that’s the one I found on eBay it’s a genuine cable. There is a number on the collar but no writing on the cable itself. I’m pleased it’s sounding better than what you had before, which is the main thing.

Yes that’s it. Like green writing on a heat shrunk collar. Nothing about naim on the actual cable. I’ve only pushed the connectors in, not tightened them. Collar to source.
Definitely more focused and a bit more of a soundstage.
Yep. Thanks for the heads up. I’m glad I got it.
The one I had on with rca to CD player I’ve noticed was a chord, so I presume it wasn’t a bad cable?

Chord make good cables. With Naim, din to din is best if you can manage it. These cables are included with Naim sources. Because they are ‘free’ they are often underestimated, which is a shame.

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Thanks Mark. Is it okay just to push the Din in each end not try and lock?
I’ve like I say, just pushed each in tight.

That’s what my dealer told me to do.

Opinion varies…

Some say Naim cables sound better with the plugs pushed firmly in but the locking collars disengaged. Some have even hacked the collars off their cables, but I would say that’s a bit extreme (not to say ruining any resale value!).

Others say they sound just fine with the collars done up. Personally, I lock mine but I’ve never got round to the micromanagement level of tweakery required to try it any other way.

Try it both ways and see if you hear a difference!