RCA Shunt on NAC552 - Yes or No?

I read somewhere that this can reduce RF interference [can’t find the post now]… Is it a good idea to plug the 4 phono inputs on the 552 or can it have an adverse effect?

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It seems like the typical “Russ Andrews” snake oil to me.


Someone is tempted by half price shorties!

I did post it, and yes, works great, also on the two digital RCA inputs on the nDAC. Going forward also tested with Superline, but there was no effect and the RCA digital input on ND5X2 also did not hear improvement. Initially I shunted only two of the four 552 RCA inputs and then the second two. Would say the major effect came with the first pair and the second only marginal, same for the nDAC. So if one is not maximalist 3 RCA Furutech clear lines do pretty good job. A major upgrade.

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Thanks BBK… I bout some cheap ones, will see if they make any difference and will report back…

Sure, thank you, I only bought Furutech, initially got one to test it, now have 4, but would not say they are cheap :slight_smile: . Did experiment though with simple cooking aluminum folio and there was no positive or negative difference, so I assume simple shunting device will not do the job.

If you shunt one pair of superline inputs I think you’ll be adding the shunt to the cartridge load.

It is not a real shunt, its a capacitor, that filters high frequency noises i suppose….

Well it will do something to a signal if in parallel, as it would be on a superline.

That explains why there was no positive effect there …