RCA to 4Pin or 5Pin?

At the beginning of next week I will be ordering a NAP 282 with other Naim equipment. I have a Cyrus Streamer and CD player which I am keeping until next year when hopefully funds will allow me to change them. I will be connecting a Linn Phonostage to the Aux 2 RCA input on the 282 and the CD player to the CD RCA input.
So the question is: Do I buy an RCA to 4 pin Din or RCA to 5 pin Din to connect up my Streamer to the 282. Thanks

For an RCA Phono equipped source component to best connect to a Naim pre-amp you will need a 2 x RCA Phono to DIN5 (180 degree) interconnect.

Here’s a picture of the standard grey Naim RCA Phono to DIN interconnect (note that this one pictured has a DIN4 instead of a DIN5 but is otherwise the same).

Cheers Richard. I get it now - RCA to 5 Pin Din

Without wishing to go off topic, can I ask why they are called 180 degree ? They don’t look as if they fold back on themselves to me … I am sure I am being dumb

The pins in the DIN plug are over a 180 degrees arc rather than, for example, 270 degrees which is also used sometimes.

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perfect, thank you for explaining

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