RCA to 5Pin din advice and thoughts

Hi I am looking to replace some short cable with longer RCA to 5 pin din connection for analogue in on a naim AV system. with 4 RCA’s to the 5 pin din as all the -ves end up at one din pin is there any advantage of keeping the -ves seperate for a full 2m, I am thinking of using a 12 AG lead from the earth pin to say 1.75m and joining the 4 RCA -ves there rather than further down.

Also unsure which end to earth and shield. I have some Belden 8412, sharkwire but thinking about Dueland 16GA as an option any thoughts appreciated

My current thinking is 4 duelund 16GA cables from the positive RCA to the pins, then using a short length 0.25m say to take the individual RCA -ves and then used on thicker cable perhaps 12AG to the earth pin (I know I will need to taper the cable to solder at the pins) then use a separate shield over the whole cable and terminate this at the .25m point ?

So it should be normal RCA configuration for the first .25m then just 5 lines to the pins at the plug from that point

Anyone used Duelund cable with naim ?

Oh… thank the Lord, if there is one…

I read this title and thought you were going to ask what pins need to be connected…

Gig Harbor Audio ( a Naim dealer) in Washington state sells Dueland interconnects and they can make up ones for Naim gear with rca to din. I asked them a while back and they said the Dueland interconnect works well with Naim gear…

Here was their reply:

I try not to get into the weeds with cable character… I like Deuland the best because it is extremely neutral. I use it with line magnetic, leben, sugden and new naim gear. I use old naim cable on older naim units, but that is about it. I like dueland on everything.

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Tks, I| think I will order some and just give it a go, with my connection construction thoughts to save the cost and thickess

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Do you mean Duelund ?

yes typo adjusted

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