RCom trouble

Hello guys,

I just bought an used R-Com out of eBay. The weird thing is the prev and next buttons are not working consistently. If I don’t tight up the screws seems to be working most of the time. If everything is tight (not overly tight, but just hand tight and stable), the prev and next button are working just some of the time (when the remote wakes up), otherwise completely unresponsive.

I already changed the batteries twice. The remote was shipped to me with the batteries inside.

Do you have any ideas?

Not sure I’ve ever come across this before. I don’t know whether @NeilS has had any like this in for service/repair in the past.

I cleaned the pcb with disinfecting tissue (there was a bit of corrosion touching two traces), let the thing under the sun for couple of hours, then applied electrical tape on the rails where the faceplate slides in. For now seems to be working. I‘ll call it semi permanent fix. Any input is welcome. Also there are signs of something on the metal casing inside ( whiteish residue, but NOT from leaked batteries ).

I wonder if some liquid was spilled on it at some point on the past.

I think a firm maybe. There is a bit of discoloration on some solder joints, and the corrosion on the pcb on the left side running to the pre/next buttons. I think at some point I‘ll have to change the pcb. Wondering if I can get spare parts myself or need to go through a dealer.

I think you’ll need to go through a dealer.

I can’t recall ever seeing a faulty one coming in for repair, so I’m not going to be much help I’m afraid.
Does sound likely that liquid ingress could cause problems though, cleaning it up well should help to prevent any further corrosion.


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