Re-Capping - Beyond Naim

Prompted by this Thread - New or Pre-loved

And specifically these comments, from @sjw - ‘Perhaps this is a naive question but do other brands need recapping and servicing? I’d never heard of it before.’

This Video appeared in my YouTube feed - all about Recapping electronics in general - not just HiFi -

I hope some may find it of interest… :thinking:


Very Informative. He clearly lives this stuff, and you can hear his frustration with people’s lack of correct understanding

Yes. This just appeared on my YouTube - and immediately rang a bell. I have watched other similar videos - mainly repairing Guitar amps. Plenty of mistakes and sometimes down right dangerous things found (like the Death Capacitor…!).

I think its probably actually easier to get Naim electronics serviced, than it is to get older Guitar amps fixed…!!

It is unnerving that the capacitor polarity markings on the pcb in some equipment is wrong!
Totally agree with logic of, start at the power supply, retest and work your way through stage by stage. At least if you do make a mistake, it reduces your field of search!

Apart from Naim, most amps may need caps or a look at in 20 years or so. Naim kind of reminds me of Rolex in that the service intervals seem a bit more frequent than maybe needed? Rolex gets ridiculous money for services, makes Naim look like a Bargain though.

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