One of the great things about streaming is that when you suddenly remember something from back in the day that you haven’t listened to for years, it’s immediately accessible.

Mind you, much of my backtracking has been of the “Why on earth did I? What was I even thinking?” variety.

Seeing the news items about this year’s “Brit Music Awards” suddenly made me annoyed at all the squeeky-clean, well-adjusted showbiz emptiness of it all. Harry Styles? Really?

This was my gratefully-remembered shock tactic from a properly mis-spent youth.

What’s yours?


Mine haven’t been so much as re-discoveries as discoveries. Recently discovered some great west coast hippie stuff from the late 60s to the early 70s. It also opened my eyes (well ears actually) to Jimi Hendrix someone who ashamedly I somehow overlooked. Now I’m going through a list of recommendations from HiFi+ on Americana and discovering bands/artists I’d never heard of that I should have.

None of this would have been possible (or at least as easy) without streaming.

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We’ve been listening to Medwyn Goodall the Medicine Woman series. So relaxing and great background music

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