Real basic question re posting


How do you post on a thread? Is it just a matter of pushing on the arrow pointing to the left on the bottom right of the post ie the “reply” arrow? I would have thought that would mean replying specifically to the last post made, or is that what we use even if not replying to the last post, but making a post in general?


You use the first one to reply to the last post, the second one with the black background (in the line of options) to reply to the thread.


If you want to reply to a specific post in a thread then use the grey reply button just under and to the right of that post. It will then give you a little link top right in your post that links back to the post you’re replying too… Pretty neat really, and means you don’t need to fill your post with lots of quotes.


But curiously, the addressee to whom the post is directed is not visible to the one making the reply, at least not on an iPad.


As a case in point, I do not see your name or avatar in my reply above.


Clive, if it’s a reply to the OP or a reply to the immediately previous post, then it won’t show. From what I understand it’s just there to give context to a reply to a post that may well be buried further back within the thread.

Edit, thanks for making another reply. It has just helped illustrate my point.


OK, that’s understood. Thank you for clarifying.


Ok I think I understand. So everyone as well as Clive can read this ?


Looks like they can!


They can…


Yup, we can.


Thanks Hugh. I don’t think I had got it either.