Reality is an illusion! How evolution hid the truth.

This is a great discussion about the science of evolution, etc.

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Amazingly, the West is finally beginning to guess what the East has always known. This guy wrote 100-plus papers? Any of the Upanishads says it succinctly and exhaustively. Difficult to get through? Try Alan Watts.

We’re all just like different aspects of the same energy having the same dream of reality and individuals are just leaves on the tree of that dream. :disguised_face: Matter doesn’t exist.

Superb video. Thanks for this.

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I gave up after half an hour, life’s just too short to be bothering with this kind of rubbish.

The host was utterly incurious (credulous, really) and came across as if he’d smoked way too much weed. The other guy was talking gibberish with the rictus-faced certainty of the terminally smug.

Bloody hippies.

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