Really bad HE idea?

Could I replace a Headline (currently fed from the record-out of a 252) with a Uniti Atom HE? And could I feed the streamer part of the HE (using its preamp analogue output) back into the 252? I don’t really have a streamer today other than iPhone into Apple Airport Express which feeds my nDAC. If vTuner ever works it could probably replace the NAT02 as well. I appreciate I’d have a redundant preamp and DAC in the HE but it would help the box count considerably…

You can’t use the HE as a headphone amplifier on a Naim preamp
You can’t use the HE as a stand alone streamer/DAC source.
So no…
It’s designed as a stand alone streamer/DAC/preamp.

You have a very good system but to stream you need a streamer (no DAC) to give a digital input to your DAC. There are many.

You can’t bypass the DAC or the preamp in the HE. So there is no way to play it into your NDAC. You can connect it to an onput on ypur 252. Just find a suitable volume level on the Atom as you will be using two volume controls.

Thanks both. Yes, I was hoping to use the analogue-out from the HE into the 252 - so using the HEs DAC and not feeding it into the nDAC. But if the HE analogue-in won’t take a feed from the 252 record-out, it’s not what I want.

It will, it’s just a line level input.