Rearview close-up pictures

I do like a nice simple setup as shown in yours and Nigel’s pictures.

Very neat.


Here’s the view to the rear on the left side of my Fraim Lite the right side is even more congested as that’s where the mains connections are, none of it is ideal but it’s the best I can do with limited space as my system is in our main lounge.


I’m not overly keen on wires.


Tidy though!

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There are numbers of opposing views on ferrite on ethernet. But as it happens, that photo was taken a few years ago, I no longer have ferrite on ethernet.

However I do have a heavily loaded SMPS power strip specifically to reduce switching noise (50kHz / 2MHz) as much as possible using the lowest available frequency ferrite mix.
I have not experienced any detrimental effects with using ferrite on 50Hz power leads, in fact I can’t detect any difference + or -.

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Some of these pictures give me nightmares!


That’s a shocking mess :rofl::rofl:.

May I suggest you go fully wireless. Sound quality issues be-dammed. That will enable a 25% reduction in mess !

It certainly seems pipe-lagging is A Thing!


Can we have a picture of your soldering station?

I saw that before - A* for commitment to the cause! :wink:

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The new system is fully balanced except the NDX2 and 555, so unfortunatly no lagging needed now. Although I still can’t resist lagging power cords from the 6 CD Blocker lol.

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Not a solder station as such, solder stations are assembly line work tools.
My pre retirement work required soldering in all sorts of situations and all sorts of soldering equipment with various electric & gas, cables from miniature to stuff as thick as yer arm.
Since retiring I have tools more suited to home DIY, but soldering is not something I do every day. I have two soldering iron’s, a miniature pen type for the IC sized wires and a chunky industrial for heavier wire.


It looks like the Borg assimilated your system.


Two racks, all interconnects hang freely as do the burndies and signal cables to not touch. The whole system lives in a cupboard.


Meanwhile, back in the mid-to-late 70s…


Simple in those days…

Just plug in, (usually with the cables found in the box), and enjoy the music…

No nagging doubts if the supporting table is this or that, and another few thousand pounds…
No nagging doubts if the particular cable lies this way or that…
No nagging doubts if the cable is the right stuff of not…
No nagging doubts if the right plugs are used or not…

Just sit back ad enjoy the music…

How different the world is these days?


Love this!

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Not as tidy as it has been due to some recent demos…more simplicity required…


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