Rebooting my Mu-so (1st generation)

I’ve recently had to reboot on a couple of occasions. Firstly UPnP wouldn’t work. I selected an album which loaded but wouldn’t play and the screen flashed back to the main screen.

Then Tidal wouldn’t play a playlist which would load but nothing happened.

A reboot cured both the problems, although, given the weight of the Mu-so and the position of the socket this is a pain to do.

Is this a common problem? Is there a fix?

If you are using it wireless you could try a wired connection.

Thanks but all wired.

Hi Richard,
I have a first generation Muso QB that’s wired and it requires quite frequent rebooting, it displays the same behaviour as yours.
I haven’t been able to identify the exact nature of the problem, a reboot fixes it, sometimes just restarting the app fixes things.
I also noticed that pressing a command, and not repressing if there wasn’t an immediate response means the QB locks up less. Sometimes the response is just slow, taking several seconds to activate a command.
Not sure if any of that helps? Hopefully the sound quality makes it worth the hassle?

Hi Jim, thanks for the response. Restarting the app hasn’t worked for me.

I’ve certainly noticed a slow response and will follow your advice.

Have you tried a reset? I think that will be next.

I did try a reset as a more permanent resolution, but for me,whilst it fixed things at the time, the same issues recurred a few weeks later. So not much better than a reboot, but more work, as I needed to restore radio presets etc.

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I have to reboot mine abut once or twice a year. I usually shut down everything including router, then restart the router, all wifi access points, then one by one, the Muso-QB’s.
Seems to keep it going well for the next 6 months or so.
It might be worth trying the same.

Thanks. Good idea.

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