Rebus HiFi system

In an effort to find some good telly we’ve started re-watching the Ken Stott Rebus TV series.

It looks like Rebus is into his music judging from the breif shot showing his speakers/turntable and records… So, just for fun, anyone like to guess what he has here? Unfortunately I haven’t yet spotted a scene showing his amp.

Whatever it is, it looks like he prefers playing his LPs backwards. Possibly in an effort to uncover hidden messages?

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At a guess the speakers are Linn floorstanders of some sort.

The books were written by Ian Rankin who I think used to be a reviewer for Hi-Fi Review. From what I remember he was a Linn, Exposure, Kans kind of guy.

On a radio programme about being a writer and the significance of music in his life, I once heard him say that when a man comes back to his flat he puts on a record.

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I guessed the Linn speakers… ISTR loaning some from my dealer that looked very similar.

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